Roomset by Wall Bros, the carpet experts, Worthing, SussexThere are various types of vinyl flooring, but most broadly fall into the categories of Cushioned Vinyl and Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT). We stock a wide range of cushioned vinyl flooring which is really economical and versatile and comes in a huge range of designs.

Customers can come and browse through our design books and even take samples home to see how they match up in situ. However, vinyl flooring has evolved in recent years to become one of the most popular flooring products we sell. This is mainly down to the introduction of Luxury Vinyl Tile or ‘LVT’ so what is it exactly? LVT is a layered product that looks like real wood and stone flooring and is also waterproof.

It comes in a huge range of shapes, sizes and designs to suit any type of home. It is produced in planks or tiles which means both home and business owners can be really flexible with design too.

As mentioned, LVT is made with a layering process using stability layers for strength, a photographic layer which allows for the flexibility of design and a hard wearing PVC layer for protection. It can be fitted in a variety of ways, there are types that need to be glued to the floor, types that click together and even types that require grouting. Most types are easy to fit though and once down – will last years looking like new.


Because LVT is waterproof it is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and anywhere else where the flooring may come into contact with moisture. Spills can be simply wiped up without any worry of staining. LVT is warmer under foot than stone, harder wearing than wood and more waterproof than laminate flooring.

Combine these benefits with the endless design combinations and you can see why it’s become so popular in the modern market.

LVT is a layered product that looks like real wood and stone flooring and is also waterproof. Sound interesting? Why not come to our showrooms to see just how many different types we can offer and get a quote today.